Paolo is looking for an Apartment / Rental Property in Enschede

Paolo is looking for: An Apartment / Rental Property in Enschede

  • Apartment / Rental Property
  • Min. 30 m2
  • Male
  • 25 Immediately

My name is Paolo, and I am 24 years old. I recently graduated from the University of Twente with a Master's degree in Interaction Technology. I am currently in the final stages of the hiring process for a company in Enschede, and I would like to relocate to a private apartment with my girlfriend to focus on our work and personal lives. Her name is Elisa, she is 23 and originally comes from Hannover, in Germany. She is about to graduate from UT's Master of "Educational Science & Technology" program, and she has been working part-time at one of the university's laboratories for the past year.

General information: Paolo
  Male, 24 years old
Type of tenant: Professional